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At ekvip it’s all about humans. The users of our products as well as our customers, whose needs we analyse precisely to offer a tailor-made solution for their problems.

ekvip Giraffe

The Giraffe, being our first in-house development, is a dimensioning-weighing-scanning system featuring a sleek and stylish design. The use case of the product is the quick and flexible measuring of varying packages. The combination of a 3D-camera, a barcode scanner and a scale enables the Giraffe to detect the size, weight and also barcode information of the packages. The stand-alone solution convinces with a small footprint while the lack of moving parts guarantees a safe handling of the machine. Considering all that, the Giraffe is perfectly equipped for the efficient data acquisition in a logistics environment. The interaction with the user is done via an external, easy to use GUI.

ekvip Okapi

The Okapi is the mobile version of the DWS-system. To enable easy relocation of the whole system, the proportions of the Giraffe have been changed to ensure an increased structural safety. The main change is the shorter ‘neck’ which lead to its name – the Okapi. Furthermore, the Okapi has wheels and a handle, so the user can easily move it. Thanks to a built-in battery it is also independent from a stationary power source.

ekvip Turtle

The Turtle is the fully automated DWS-system based on the Giraffe. It is integrated into the respective customers’ conveyor infrastructure and thus able to collect data of packages at a much higher rate. The collected data is written directly into the customers’ data base. Depending on the individual requirements such as the spectrum of different packages, the Turtle can be modified regarding the software as well as the hardware.

ekvip Dragonfly

We have developed the Dragonfly to record the level of utilisation of pallets and storage racks, which gives our customers information about possibilities to make more efficient use of their storage buildings. The first step is the analysis of the actual utilisation of the storage space using a scanning system that is added either to the conveyor infrastructure or the high rise storage. Based on that data, our software gives advice, as to which pallets or slots can be combined to save storage capacity.

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